Thursday, October 13, 2005

"The wide iPod...huge success--time to replace it."

These were the opening words from Apple Computer CEO Steve Jobs as he introduced the new iPod with video. No surprise!

The new iPod will come in 30Gb (7,500 songs, 25,000 photos, or 75 hours of video) and 60Gb (15,000 songs, 25,000 photos, or 150 hours of video) versions showing up on the shelves in late October (note: these specs don't quite add up, but they're Apple's, not mine). Music videos, Pixar short films, and ABC TV shows are currently being sold on the new iTunes 6.0 to support the launch.

The new iPod is very thin and comes with a bigger screen than the Photo iPod, with some significant new features:

  • Enhanced photo viewing and quality
  • Four clocks to that you can display at one time
  • Locking, like the Nano
  • Lap timer (Same as the Nano)
  • Two colors (Black and White)
  • Video (the big feature), 2.5 inch color TFT, 320 x240 pixels, 260,000 colors, H.264 at 30 fps (used in QuickTime 7.0), MPEG 4 at 30 fps
  • TV out (need to buy the optional cable)
  • Size--the new 30 GB is 31% thinner than the old 20 GB and the 60 GB is 12% thinner than the old 20 GB. This is nice.

Now to the price:

  • 30 Gb--$299
  • 60 Gb--$399
  • Songs and music videos $1.99
  • TV Shows (ad free) $1.99
This product looks great, but I think I will stick with the iPods I have today.

Steve Jobs also introduced the new iMac; thinner, with a built in camera and "front row" (something like Windows Media with a cool ergonomic six-button remote). I have to say it looks great!

Keep them coming Steve. At this rate you will someday make me an Apple user – but not today.


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