Thursday, October 13, 2005

Dangerous animals and technology

This picture is scary! I am sure you have all seen this picture and, like me, wondered who would leave dangerous animals like this on the loose?

(In case you haven't seen the photo, a python ate a crocodile with disasterous results for both creatures!)

Specialists speculate that the python attacked the croc, swallowed it alive (as crocs are wont to do) and, while the croc was struggling in the snake's stomach, ripped the snake in half.

Sweet revenge, huh? (We should all make sure that we have the stomach for what we are about to eat before swallowing it.)

We can look to Japan for a solution to the problem of dangerous pets getting away from their owners. The Japanese government is consider a law which requires owners of dangerous animals (such as crocodiles and pythons) to inject microchips in their pets to help identify them if they get loose and rampage through the countryside.

Do you think we should do the same--and maybe feed the owner to the animal? I think over time it would take care of the problem.


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