Wednesday, February 08, 2006

When will we have some Vista in our life?

Microsoft is feverishly working on the next version of the Windows operating system. The million-dollar question is: “Will there be any Vista in 2006?” The answer is YES! If all goes as Microsoft is planning we will be able to stuff our Holiday stockings with a brand new version of Vista. [Late November or early December is the current date (according to my best guess and some well-placed sources).]

So--you may ask “What is the big deal with Vista?” The new features introduced with Vista will allow us to create the next-generation applications. Some of the features in Vista that will allow us to deliver on this include:
  • WinFX: a programming model with managed code

  • Windows Presentation Foundation (previously "Avalon"): the standardized display subsystem of Microsoft for Windows

  • Windows Communication Foundation (previously "Indigo"): Microsoft's next-generation web service technology

  • Windows Vista User Experience: the new design philosophy under Windows Vista

What do you think? Is this the next great invention or just another tool for Microsoft to generate revenue? I for one cannot wait for Microsoft Vista to allow us to produce the next generation of applications (and to generate some revenue for Ballmer and Gates).


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