Saturday, February 11, 2006

Tonight I watched the Olympics' Opening Ceremonies! Finally, it is here! The winter Olympics! National pride! (Can you tell I get excited about this event?)

The winter Olympics brings back great memories from my childhood. My whole family (heck--the whole nation of Norway!) took our lutefisk and lefse into the living room, donned our red and white stocking hats and bunad (look it up), and gathered around the TV and watched as many events as we possibly could. It was a time for all of us to watch our beloved nation's athletes take it to the rest of the world. Norway kicks some serious *ss in winter sports, eh?

One of the things I find difficult here in the US is to enjoy an event from start to finish—to see the winners and the losers. CBS, NBC, ESPN all think we do not have the patience to watch a complete event. I want to see the Germans, Americans, Norwegians…and the Jamaicans. All the countries are fun to watch.

(The top of the medal standings may be surprising to some with Norway, a country of about 4.5 million people, on top.)

Total all-time medal standings:
  1. Norway --268
  2. Russia -- 195
  3. USA -- 194
  4. Germany -- 154

Attached you will also find some interesting links to try out while you are watching the events:

Enjoy the winter Olympics--I know I will.


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