Sunday, October 02, 2005

Mark this date on your GCalendar

My sources tell me Google is ready to launch GCalendar any day now. This should be a terrific addition to the Google suite, and it is the most obvious missing part of their service offering--short of providing a full OS.

Google continues to tread closer and closer to the Microsoft product space. I think the old promise from Sun and Oracle of network computing is closer than ever to become reality via Google’s many offerings.

If this becomes reality, it will attack the very core of Microsoft’s revenue stream (Office and Windows) and, I believe, will actually threaten their existence. Not only is Google going after Microsoft’s products but they are also targeting Microsoft's brainpower. Recently Google has raided talent like Dr. Kai-Fu Lee and many others. Microsoft's flat stock price over the past several years certainly hasn't motivated the talent base to stick around. [Google's hiring of Dr. Kai-Fu Lee inspired a failed lawsuit by Microsoft to keep Lee on board. Click here for story.]

Google is a company with money, vision, product, and sex appeal. It will be interesting to see what the future brings to Microsoft, Google and the rest of the computing industry.


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