Saturday, September 24, 2005

Consider yourselves warned: I'm getting ready to Podcast!

Today I decided to do my own Podcast. First, I need to get a microphone to work with my computer.

After some research, I decided to buy Samson's well reviewed C01U USB microphone, a C01U Shock Mount (quite necessary accessory to ensure good recordings), and a LZ50 50' Microphone Cable so I can pace while I record (it's a European thing--don't ask).

From what I've read, this should be all I need to get started. The microphone is very popular among podcasters and was difficult to find anywhere in stock (Amazon does not ship for two to three months so that was not an option for me). I found the Microphone at Andy’ s music online--and their promise of quick shipping sold me.

I will do a review of the product and post what I think as soon I receive it. Looking forward to podcasting -- this sounds like a lot of fun. Maybe soon you can hear me on your iPod in addition to reading my blog.


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