Thursday, August 03, 2006

Are you ready for Vista?

You may be ready...but the billion-dollar question is, are Microsoft and Vista ready for you? From what I am reading and seeing the answer is NO.

XP has been in the market for nearly five years and Microsoft is struggling, even after excising major features, to get us to the next generation OS. The latest forecast from Microsoft is that Vista will release to major companies sometime in November and for general distribution in January. This schedule is clearly not what Microsoft was hoping for with a delay beyond the holiday season.

In spite of the delayed schedule, there are still questions--even internally at Microsoft--about the company's ability to meet this date. Last month, Bill Gates revived doubts about the timing of the release, saying that there was a "20% chance" of another Vista delay.

I have Vista Beta 2 and definantly think Vista a some a ways to go. Robert Scoble wrote in his Scobleizer blog, "This sucker is just not ready. Too many things are too slow and/or don't work. I've been on the betas of every Windows OS since Windows 3.1 and Vista is starting to feel good, but it doesn't feel good enough to release to the factory in October. It feels like it needs a good six more months than that, which would mean a mid-year release next year."

I agree with him.

Please Microsoft, take your time. Ensure that you have a solid operating system before you release it to the public. Maybe we should have a Beta 3 before you do a general release. Whether it is November or March, I am looking forward to a stable, quality Vista release!


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