Sunday, January 01, 2006

The best of 2005

2005 gave us a lot of new gadgets and technology—some useful and some not so useful. (Talking about the useless gadgets would just waist your time and I will not do that.) I do have a few items that hit my top ten list for '05 and I want to share them with you.

My top ten gadget list of 2005:

  1. Microsoft Xbox 360

  2. Apple Video iPod

  3. Apple iPod Nano

  4. Sony PSP

  5. Dual-core Processors (this was a "gadget" in '05--look for it to be real technology in '06 when software can exploit the dual processors)

  6. Sandisk Ultra II SD Plus

  7. Beamer Digital Videophone/Picture Frame

  8. LaCie Brick Desktop Hard Drive

  9. Acer Media Gateway MG-3001P

  10. RIM BlackBerry 8700c Electron
2005 was a great year for gadget introductions. I am sure I missed something that is high on your list—let me know what they are so I can try them out. I am looking forward to an even stronger 2006 and will keep you informed as we move into the new year.


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