Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Need a job? Openings galore at Google

The market for IT professionals is strong and growing, and yet few companies are have an appetite for IT stars like Google.

Last quarter (which ended September 31), Google hired 800 people (!) bringing its total staff to 4989. This is more than triple the staff from two years ago. Currently Google is seeking 1100 people worldwide to fill its current job openings. (Most of these jobs are in the engineering field and are listed on the company’s web site.)

It is interesting to know that the company rarely has recruit to fill the openings—Google is in in the sights of many job seekers.

Of primary interest to prospective employees is whether Google has the revenue to support its growth. I think so, given their recent announcement that third-quarter revenue nearly doubled from a year ago to $1.58 billion, with a net income of $381.2 million.

The company is hiring everyone from the very experienced (like Internet pioneer Vint Cerf, who co-designed the TCP/IP) to fresh-scrubbed college graduates. According to their website, “Google engineers all have '20 percent time' in which they’re free to pursue projects they’re passionate about. This freedom has already produced Google News, Google Suggest, AdSense for Content, and Orkut – products which might otherwise have taken an entire start-up to launch." This is something that attracts creative and big thinkers to the company.

It is good to see that the IT job market is growing. Let’s watch to see if Google can sustain this great growth.


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