Thursday, September 01, 2005

Why IT people make the world a better place: Part 17

Did you see the news that Mazda is thinking about using a USB flash drive as a "key" to unlock their new Sassou cars? I think this is a great idea--especially since the flash drive can also contain GPS map info, music files, and other media which can make your motoring experience all the more enjoyable. Before you start your trip you can use your home computer to download directions and tones to your “key” before you start your trip. If anybody doubts whether IT people make the world a better place, think again. (Hope Mazda is building in additional security so people cannot just copy your USB “key” from one device to another. It would be cool if they allow you to set operating time duration for the key. If you want your kids back by 11:00 pm you could “expire” the usage of the key after the curfew time. Hmm – would this be a good thing or not?)


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