Wednesday, August 17, 2005

This one does not only suck

Christmas is coming and we are all starting to shop for our loved ones...well, in my case, maybe it will be more like December 23rd or so. Anyhow, I think I have found the perfect gift for my eight year old: an iRobot Scooba. This bad boy (the Scooba, not my son) brushes dirt up and then it washes the floor with fresh liquid cleaner. iRobot Scooba is the next generation floor cleaning device; it will be available in November (just in time for Christmas--hint, hint), and will sell for $399. This is cheap for technology that not only sucks, but also cleans floors. See you in the shopping lines in late December!

[By the way, I will be making my annual after-Thanksgiving pilgammage to the malls and stores this year. I will get a laptop for $99, a TV for $19, and a full set of wine glasses for 99 cents. If you want to join me on my annual "death march" send me an e-mail.]


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