Saturday, February 03, 2007

No more search for Microsoft researcher

Last Sunday Microsoft researcher Jim Gray went for a solo sail trip off the coast of Northern California. He was expected back the same day.

The U.S Coast Guard has had an extensive search for the Microsoft researcher. On Friday they stopped the search for the 63 year old award winning researcher. "The U.S. Coast Guard will conduct one more massive search effort for Dr. Jim Gray before considering case suspension this evening," the agency said in a statement Thursday. A search that did not bring Jim back.

Click here to see Jim home page. Jim is a manager of Microsoft Research's eScience Group. His focus and interest are in databases and transaction processing systems.

I am hopeful Jim is alive and will be found soon. But the story of his disappearance should remind us that life is precious and ours can be gone in--literally--a heartbeat. Take risks in good measure--you want to enjoy your life for as long as possible.


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