Monday, August 07, 2006

August 6th--Next national holiday?

August 6 was a major milestone in the history of technology. 15 years ago, Tim Berners-Lee released his WWW project onto the internet. This was the start of the World Wide Web (“WWW”).

[Berners-Lee also created the first Web browser and the first hypertext editor.]

What did we do before the World Wide Web? 15 years does not seem like a long time, but look at the impact the WWW is having on our lives. I cannot imagine going back to a time where we did not have all the information readily available that we now take for granted. Surfing the internet is a part of everyday life. (According to Wikipedia; “the phrase "surfing the Internet" was first popularized in print by Jean Armour Polly, a librarian, in an article called Surfing the INTERNET, published in the University of Minnesota Wilson Library Bulletin in June, 1992.”)

It is amazing to me how 15 short years have changed the way we work, communicate, and, to some extent live (or at least change our lives)--maybe to the point where we should celebrate or at least recognize the date that started it all.

I wonder what the next 15 years will bring to us?


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