Sunday, August 06, 2006

157 mpg – Dream or reality?

This vehicle maybe closer than we all think. A German company, Loremo AG, has developed a concept car that gets 157 mpg!

The prototype will be shown at an upcoming automobile show in Geneva. This sharp-looking unit is projected to get great gas mileage without a complicated hybrid drivetrain, fuel cells, or plug in paraphenalia. On top of all of this, it does zero-60 in ten seconds and reaches a top speed of 100 mph.

Loremo is planning to introduce the car to the European market in 2009. What would you pay for a car like this? Good looking, sporty, room for four, two cylinders, a 20hp turbo diesel motor, and respectable performance.

The price tag of $13,000 is well less than I expected. This should put other car manufacturers on the defensive and make all of us think hard about considering Loremo for our new car need in 2009 or so.

I hope Loremo is able to execute and make this dream a reality.


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