Thursday, September 22, 2005

Will the "Sun" shine on Scott McNealy?

I do not think so! The same could be said for angry shareholders who are questioning the $$$ McNealy is reaping while his company continues to underperform in the market. McNealy receives a base salary of $121,789, up 21 percent from last year, as well as a $1.1 million cash bonus--even though he missed performance targets.

I think this describes a big problem in corporate America. Why should shareholders and lower-level employees suffer during bad times, all the while watching top executives continue to receive bonuses and salary increases?

As leaders, we should have the decency to say “no thank you” if we play a part in sending our companies into a downward spiral. Performance and leadership go hand in hand--and so should performance and personal earnings.

I also think having the CEO serve as the chairman of the board is a serious conflict of interest. By doing this, business is allowing a CEO to approve his or her own compensation. I have seen this happen in places I have worked and, unfortunately, I think it will take laws and regulations to change this. I wish integrity and personal pride would help keep this from happening, greed always seems to win out.

Step up to the plate, Mr. McNealy and give the $$$ back to the stockholders.

Remember--they believe in you and all you stand for...or at least they used to.


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